On this weekend there was finally a Rover activity of DPSG diocese Trier. We bothered about Africa for three days, whereby we did not only talked only about this topic but we had much fun too. Among others there was a delicious african meal and a nice party.

The next planned Roveraction will be during the summer camping of the diocese.

From 13th to 17th of August I was at the Summerbreeze Open Air. There I joined the camp of lazars. This funny and iconic camp admited me immediately and we had a lot of fun together. Every evening we went to the stages and partied with many different bands. The mood was great and there were many Walls of Death and Crowdsurfers. At J.B.O. everybody became pink and somtimes you just saw some pink dustclouds. In this time I was in the first row. I saw 16 bands and I am happy when I am looking forward to the next year! \m/

After 7 nice days I have finished my module week. I could take a lot of new experiences and ideas and I am looking forward to the next camping or meeting together. Now I will try to finish my Woodbadge Apprenticeship to get and wear the 2 wooden blocks.

At the moment I am at the Mariencastle in Zell next to the Mosel. Out of my room I have a amazing view around the river. Here I work with many other scouts to get prepared for our work a a leader. I have met a lot of scouts I have seen in some camping weeks before without to get to know them. I hope that will not happened again. I learned a lot and I am looking forward to use this knowledge with my group. In the evenings we have campfires and we are talking about our experiences as scouts.


There are 2 infinite things:
1. The Universe
2. The human stupidity

To point 2:
I have sold the app Flappy Bird on eBay a few minutes ago 😛 For u I give u the download link: Download – FlappyBird.apk


After Facebook bought WhatsApp for 19 Billion Dollars many users are switching ti Threema now. A little statement:
I think it is better to use Threema than give your data volunteerly to NSA and Facebook. If you do not want to buy Threema send me a mail and you can try it for free mail@hendrik-haas.de.