Once there was a little rose in a beautiful and wide garden. Every day she saw the sun rise and wondered, why she couldn’t be that much impressive as the big yellow thing above her.
Once she was so sad that she was just a little plant under many other plants in this huge garden with all these nice plants and trees that her neighbor, a shy but lovely tulip, went over to comfort her.
She asked: „Why are you so sad? You are such a beautiful rose, u should be proud of yourself. Don’t look at all these strange flowers around you. Do you see the yellow one right next to the house? She is one of the biggest at day and always follows the sun, but there is still nobody who bought her.“
The rose looked around and found this big sunflower. She answered: „But how is this possible? She is the best and biggest of all of us. She must be the first who finds a new home.“ The tulip replied: „Maybe you are right, but the ones who buy us are humans. They don’t care much about strength or how tall you are. They just see one thing in us – hope. They take us to dinners, to dates, to the church, sometimes even to the undertaker, but in the end, everyone thinks about hope when they see us. So be proud of you and shine bright, but don’t try to copy the sun. Be always yourself and something special in your own way. Then you will be the happiest rose ever.“
The rose was so happy about these words that she was smiling all day.
Even the next day, she was in a perfect mood, but still, nobody came to look at her.
The sun was going to change her place with her husband, the moon, and the rose was getting ready for the night. Then, yes, exactly at this moment a small little guy came across and said: „This one! I really need this one! She is just perfect.“ The rose didn’t know what to do and the gardener came and gave her to this smart guy. This guy took her on a small glass and brought her to a house. It was late, time for dinner. She didn’t know what to expect and was a bit frightened because of the dark. But suddenly the door got opened and she stood on a table. Next to her sat a wonderful young lady who couldn’t take her eyes from the rose. That made her so happy and proud that she began smiling and shining.
Every day that week she saw her guy and the lady. Saw, how these two were, watched TV, talked, cuddled or just watched the little rose. And even when the rose was old and not that beautiful, but still shining, the lady said at dinner: „Sweetheart, I know the rose is old and dry, but I can’t throw her away. She remembers me and you every single second. I can’t do it. Do you know what to do?“ The guy was clever and took a nice old book with some empty pages. He put the rose in the middle of it and mentioned: „I can’t keep you alive forever my little rose, but I can keep you in this book, so that my girlfriend can remember you.“
So she was in this book and stood right next to a picture of the couple she made (happy).
The people got old, got children and grandchildren and one day a little finger found the page with the rose. He was smiled about the beauty and the rose thought back about this one day, when a small and shy, but lovely tulip came over to her…